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Mint Toothpaste Tabs Trial
Mint Toothpaste Tabs Trial
Mint Toothpaste Tabs Trial
Mint Toothpaste Tabs Trial
Mint Toothpaste Tabs Trial

Dentin ™ Mint Toothpaste Tabs Trial


  • Brand: Dentin
  • Product Code: PWTT001-MINT_03
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  • Product Summary:
    Try our toothpaste tablets by ordering this 2 week trial pack which contains 30 tabs.

    Our solid toothpaste is 100% natural and eco-friendly. They are Mint flavoured, Vegan & easy to use. Kind on sensitive teeth and gums, are SLS Free & suitable for travelling with as they are not a liquid.

    Our tablets will clean your teeth better than plastic tubed varieties & they contain Fluoride providing the only proven protection against cavities. Safe for adults and children (under supervision).

    Glutamate & Gluten Free. Our teeth cleaning tablets are BDIH Certified Natural Cosmetics made by Denttabs.




100% Natural & Vegan

Our solid teeth cleaning tablets contain 100% natural ingredients and are Certified BDIH Natural Cosmetics. Also vegan friendly, glutamate & gluten free.


Contains Fluoride

We only offer tabs containing Fluoride. It is a misconception that Fluoride free toothpaste is good for teeth. Fluoride is also a natural ingredient. Dentin contains 1450ppm of Fluoride.

Mint Toothpaste Tabs Trial

Food Grade & Biodegradable

Our tablets are eco-friendly, plastic free and come packaged in a food grade biodegradable pouch. Even the reseal strip is eco-friendly as it is made from corn starch.


Environmentally Friendly

All our labeling is biodegradable. We even use mailing bags made from Sugarcane, the most carbon neutral source there is. All inks are eco-friendly too, even our marker pens. Find out more in our FAQ.

How to use

Toothpaste tablets are simple to use. Just pop one in your mouth and break it up using your front teeth until it has turned into a paste.

Grab your toothbrush (hopefully a Bamboo one) and brush as normal.

Spit, rinse and you are done.

Our tablets are better at cleaning than the plastic tubed variety due to them leaving your teeth very smooth and shiny. Plaque finds it hard to hold onto your teeth after using our solid toothpaste.

You will notice that our toothpaste doesn't leave a film on your teeth. This is one of the key reasons your teeth are better protected with Dentin™.

100% Natural Ingredients:

Microcrystalline Cellulose
The polishing agent that is responsible for the wonderfully smooth feeling due to which nothing can attach to the surface. No Plaque, No Tooth Decay!

Sodium Bicarbonate
Combined with citric acid, responsible for the correct pH-Level.

Citric Acid
Increases the flow of saliva through which the remineralisation works so much better.

Helps with the cleaning/polishing and stabilises the tabs.

Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate - Not to be confused with Flavour Enhancers
Its duty is to tie the protein to the water so it will be flushed out when rinsing.

Although the word Glutamate is in Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate it has nothing to do with enhancers found within the food industry!
Our Toothpaste Tabs are Free From Glutamate & Gluten.

Magnesium Stearate
A plant-based helper needed during the manufacture of the tablets.

Natural Mint Aroma, Stevia & Menthol
Responsible for fresh and cool breath.

Makes the tabs smooth and creamy.

Sodium Fluoride
Supports the remineralisation of your enamel. Especially sensitive teeth necks may be repaired within only
days. Fluoride is the only proven substance to help prevent Cavities.

Each Dentin™ teeth cleaning tablet contains 1450ppm of Fluoride and are clinically tested.

Is a natural part of the mint aroma.