Natural solid toothpaste is good for you and the environment

Natural solid toothpaste is good for you and the environment

  • Published: 10/10/2019
  • Updated: 31/05/2021
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Plastic Free & Zero Waste

A solid toothpaste made from 100% natural ingredients in tablet form is kinder to you & the environment. Toothpaste tablets also come with a range of benefits compared to other toothpaste that you get in a plastic tube.

Before we talk about toothpaste tablets in more detail we should quickly get the issue of Fluoride out of the way.

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is found in water. The key word here is natural. There seems to be a lot of information that gets passed around to suggest that if you buy a natural toothpaste such as toothpaste tablets you should make sure that it is fluoride free.

This advice is completely wrong and you should make up your own mind whether you wish to avoid Fluoride. For the purpose of ensuring that your teeth remain healthy Fluoride is vital when considering your dental care.

Fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay, is the only thing proven to prevent cavities and is an essential mineral for developing teeth in children under 16.

Tooth decay occurs when acid forming plaque bacteria and sugars in the mouth demineralise the layer of your teeth called enamel. The process of demineralisation and remineralisation occurs all the time. Remineralisation is when minerals such as Fluoride, Calcium and Phosphate are deposited onto your teeth.

Fluoride provides resistance to tooth decay causing acids and will even help reverse early tooth decay.

The subject of Fluoride needs it's own article as we could talk about it for a lot longer. Just remember that Fluoride is an essential part of keeping your teeth healthy.

You are here to find out more about natural toothpaste tablets so lets get back to it...

2 Months Supply of Dentin™ Toothpaste Tablets

2 Months Supply of Dentin™ Toothpaste Tablets

Dentin™ Mint Toothpaste Tablets

Better than tubed toothpaste
Here at PlanetWood we now offer toothpaste with & without Fluoride, as we firmly believe in the freedom of choice.

Our aim is to provide the best possible dental care to our loyal customers by offering a product that is not only natural, safe and made from eco-friendly ingredients but creates no waste whatsoever.

Our solid toothpaste tablets - called PlanetWood Dentin™ - are packed in food safe pouches which provide a heat, air and water barrier to protect the tablets. These pouches are completely biodegradable and can be composted at home. They even include a reseal strip which is made from non-GMO cornstarch.

What is different about solid toothpaste?

Conventional toothpastes are made with chemical preservatives and in most cases are packaged in plastic tubes. These kinds of toothpaste have been found to contain so much as 50% water.

The manufacturing process of PlanetWood Dentin™ does not use any water at all. You get 100% toothpaste, not a plastic tube with 50% toothpaste.

Some toothpastes contain dyes, synthetic fragrances, silicones, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), paraffin or other petroleum based products.

Dentin™ toothpaste tablets contain no such ingredients and our manufacturing partner have obtained BDIH certification, meaning they are certified as natural cosmetics.

Zero waste
It is estimated that 1.5 Billion plastic toothpaste tubes are thrown away worldwide! Switching to PlanetWood Dentin™ can help to reduce this number.

As mentioned above our toothpaste tablets come in plastic-free, fully compostable food safe pouches. They are free of microplastic and can be simply disposed of in your normal rubbish bin where they will degrade in under 10 weeks or put in your home compost heap.

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Some frequently asked questions

What do your toothpaste tablets taste like?
PlanetWood Dentin™ have a fresh mint taste that is not too strong.

We love how fresh they leave our mouths feeling. This is mainly due to having no preservatives and the agents that create the foaminess of toothpastes that can have the reverse effect and give you bad breath! Yep, that's right!

What is the texture like?
Our tablets easily crumble when bitten and will turn into a paste pretty much straight away. They contain a natural ingredient that stimulates the saliva glands but you can also take a sip of water if you want.

Since PlanetWood Dentin™ does not contain foaming agents like tubed toothpaste, they will not create a foam when brushing. This can take time to get used to for some people, but this should make brushing easier and less messy, but importantly will make your breath fresher.

How do you use your toothpaste tablets?
1. Pop 1 tablet into your mouth. Adding some water if you wish and use your front teeth to break the tablet up. It will create a paste.
2. Brush as normal. We recommend using a soft bristled toothbrush such as our Leaf™ Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush. Basically just brush as you would with any other toothpaste - try to brush all your teeth evenly for at least 2 minutes for optimum results and protection.
3. Spit and if you prefer, rinse but it is better if you allow the toothpaste to do its full job and to refrain from rinsing your mouth afterwards.

How many tablets come in a pack?
PlanetWood Dentin™ Toothpaste Tablets are provided in packs of 120 (a 2 months supply for 1 person).

Can I travel with toothpaste tablets?
Yes. Solid toothpaste tablets are safe to travel with as they will not cause an accidental mess and they can be included in your carry on when flying as they are not a liquid.

How clean will my teeth be?
Our tablets contain Microcrystalline Cellulose which leaves your teeth wonderfully smooth and shiny. Being this clean and polished will prevent plaque build up. As a result, bacteria (plaque) and other deposits find it hard to attach to the tooth surface and you get that post-dentist clean feeling after every brush.

What is the best type of toothbrush to use with your tablets?

We recommend using a soft bristled manual toothbrush with our toothpaste tablets. Electric brushes generally have harder bristles which can actually damage tooth enamel and gums. Become even more eco-friendly in your dental care and use our Leaf™ Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush.

How should I store toothpaste tablets?
Although our toothpaste tablets are shipped in food grade pouches that provide a heat, air and water barrier, we recommend that you store your tablets in a waterproof glass jar or similar container. Bathrooms are naturally warm, damp areas of the home.

Is PlanetWood Dentin™ Vegan and cruelty free?
Our toothpaste tablets contain no animal products and have not been tested on a single animal. They are also manufactured in a gluten free environment, are non-GMO and, our manufacturing partner Denttabs GmbH based in Germany have obtained BDIH certification which means that Dentin™ is a certified natural cosmetic.

What are the white mailing bags you ship your toothpaste tablets in made from?
We send all of our products out to customers using mailing bags that are made from Sugarcane. These white bags are the most carbon neutral packaging there is on the market as they consume a huge amount of CO2 during the growing process and create very little in the manufacturing process. They are fully recyclable and will even degrade naturally. We love these bags.

What are the ingredients?
Our teeth cleaning tablets are made from 100% natural ingredients. Here is the list:

Microcrystalline Cellulose
The polishing agent that is responsible for the wonderfully smooth feeling due to which nothing can attach to the surface. No Plaque, No Tooth Decay!

Sodium Bicarbonate
Combined with citric acid, responsible for the correct pH-Level.

Citric Acid
Increases the flow of saliva through which the remineralisation works so much better.

Helps with the cleaning/polishing and stabilises the tabs.

Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate - Not to be confused with Flavour Enhancers
Its duty is to tie the protein to the water so it will be flushed out when rinsing.

Although the word Glutamate is in Sodium Lauroyl Glutamate it has nothing to do with enhancers found within the food industry!

Our Toothpaste Tabs are Free From Glutamate & Gluten.

Magnesium Stearate
A plant-based helper needed during the manufacture of the tablets.

Natural Mint Aroma, Stevia & Menthol
Responsible for fresh and cool breath.

Makes the tabs smooth and creamy.

Sodium Fluoride
(Dentin™ Fluoride free of course contains no Sodium Fluoride)
Supports the remineralisation of your enamel. Especially sensitive teeth necks may be repaired within only
days. Fluoride is the only proven substance to help prevent Cavities.
Each Dentin™ teeth cleaning tablet contains 1450ppm of Fluoride and are clinically tested.

Is a natural part of the mint aroma.