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Unscented Household Cleaning Soap
Unscented Household Cleaning Soap
Unscented Household Cleaning Soap
Unscented Household Cleaning Soap
Unscented Household Cleaning Soap

Lave ™ Unscented Household Cleaning Soap


  • Brand: Lave
  • Product Code: PWHS001
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  • Product Summary:
    All of our household cleaning soap bars are eco-friendly, made from 100% natural ingredients. Lave also comes in a variety of scents. See main shop for details.

    Our Lave unscented cleaning soap is great on stains, carpets, washing the dishes and leaving surfaces clean and shiny.


100% Natural Cleaning Soap

All of our household soaps are hand made using the finest natural ingredients. They are eco-friendly and kind to the environment.


Love Your House With Lave

Our powerful all-natural cleaning soap. Can be used to clean all around the house. Stains on clothes, carpets, the dishes and so much more.

Unscented Household Cleaning Soap

Coconut Oil

Our household cleaning soap bars utilise the power of coconut oil.


Environmentally Friendly

All our labeling is biodegradable. We even use mailing bags made from Sugarcane, the most carbon neutral source there is. All inks are eco-friendly too, even our marker pens. Find out more in our FAQ.

So what's in Lave™ Household Soap?

Our household cleaning soaps are made using coconut oil.

Why choose a natural household cleaning product?

Our soap bars are kind on the environment and great at cleaning.

Love your house with Lave

Lave can be used for:

1. Cleaning surfaces in your kitchen & bathroom: rub into a wet cloth and apply.
2. Dish washing: rub into a wet cloth or scourer and scrub.
3. Stain removal for clothes: wet stained area, rub in a generous amount, add item to washing machine load
4. Carpet stain removal: dampen your carpet, rub a small amount of lave into stain and then rub with a wet cloth. Rinse well.

Lave can also be used for so many other things, just try it and see. It truly is the most powerful natural soap, in the world!

Our household soap is only to be used to clean things around the home - not your body. Lave will strip oils very efficiently so it is advisable to moisturise after use if you are prone to dry skin.


Approx Weight 60g.


Sodium Cocoate, Water.