About us

What is our motivation?

PlanetWood was formed in 2018 to help reduce the negative impact to the environment. Each day, almost every one of us will inadvertently contribute to producing some form of pollution.

Left unchecked, our lonely world we call home will continue to suffer, along with us. It may not affect us too badly now but it will for our children, and their children.

Let's not forget, it is not just us who share this planet. What about all the other living things that also call planet Earth their home?

We may not feel that the use of plastics or the burning of fossil fuels affects us in any way. Some may say that their use provides benefits to us but, continuing to pollute the natural world is killing life across the globe.

Plastics kill sea life and birds daily. Rising temperatures melt ice caps, which in turn raise sea levels. Warmer seas kill coral reefs that thousands of species of animal rely on. Can we continue to ignore the impact that some of our technological advancements have?

Some of the statistics surrounding plastic pollution are quite staggering. Every small positive change that each and every one of us achieves, is a step forward in a better direction.

About PlanetWood

Every small change is a positive one

We are not saying that here at PlanetWood we have the answer. In order to truly make a change, we all need to make drastic changes.

Unfortunately, those in control of our countries are the ones who can make the biggest impact and influence.

So all we can do is help those who want to try and help do something positive. We do this by offering eco-friendly products that can drastically reduce man made pollutants that are not necessary to use.

Some Facts & Figures

80% of marine pollution originates from land based sources
50% of the 6.5m tonnes of waste that enters our oceans annually, are from land-based sources
91% of the 8.3b tonnes (1950-2019) of plastic produced has not been recycled.
73% of all beach litter is found to be plastic
93% of the 1 million plastic bottles bought every minute likely end up in landfill/oceans
100% of Turtles found to have plastic inside them
59% of Whales found to have plastic inside them
36% of Seals found to have plastic inside them
90% of birds and fish believed to have plastic inside their stomachs
90% of the plastic in the oceans is carried by just 10 rivers

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